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Bella BFL Fleece

Bella BFL Fleece

Description: This fleece won Best in Show at the Garden State Sheep Breeder’s Festival Fleece Show.  It has been washed and has almost no VM, with the gorgeous sheen and curl typical of the BFL breed.  Lock structure is intact and approximately 4 inches in length.  Would be beautiful for core spinning, doll hair or Santa beards.
Color: White
Sheep/ Goat: Bella
Breed:  Blue Faced Leicester
Weight (pounds): prime fleece =1.6 pounds (no VM, hand washed)  SOLD

seconds fleece =0.9 pounds (small amount VM, lesser lock structure)

Price: $1/ounce 2nds, $2/ ounce prime or $15/pound for full fleece plus shipping. $12/pound raw fleece is equivalent to $17/pound washed due to average 30% washing loss.

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