Fleece Locks

Fleeces with lock structure are available for use as doll’s hair, Santa’s Beards or art yarn/ tail spinning. Lock length is ~4 inches.

Hand washed adult/young adult mohair: $4/ounce  for doll’s hair/Santa Beards

Machine washed adult/young adult mohair (some loss of lock structure): $2/ounce  for spinning, natural white and grey as well as dyed colors

Hand washed (Blue Faced Leicester, Wensleydale, Cotswold) wool: $2/ounce for spinning or doll’s hair/Santa’s Beards – natural colors only: white, greys, browns

It is very difficult to keep locks intact through the washing process particularly if the raw fleece contains any VM.  My standard washing process includes prewashing to remove the dirt and some of the grease (lanolin in wool), followed by hand picking to remove most of the VM, followed by a final wash to remove all (or nearly all) of the remaining grease.  Washing is done in a washing machine for soaking and spinning (ie- no agitation).  This gives an extremely clean fleece that can be spun directly from the fleece.  The less VM in the original fleece, the less damage there is to the lock structure.  Most fleeces are not clean enough to produce clean intact locks.  Only fleeces with low VM and good lock structure are hand washed to retain as much lock structure as possible.  That’s why locks are so expensive and why they are not always available.   I will sell raw locks if you want to wash them yourself at a substantial discount.

Contact me based on your project needs (amount, type, your location) for availability and a quote.


11 oz. white mohair hand washed, very good lock structure, minimal VM

1.6 pounds Blue Faced Leicester machine washed, excellent lock structure, minimal VM

Mohair Fleeces

Mohair Fleeces

Bella BFL Fleece

Bella BFL Fleece