Yarn – Moss Green Over 33% Brown 4oz – Millspun




Description: Hand kettle dyed with moss green over 33% Brown Yarn. 47% Mohair (Jessie & Ingrid) & 53% natural brown colored wool. These skeins are soft and springy with a unique depth of color from blending 3 shades of brown then over dying.  Hand kettle dyed after spinning. Pic can’t fully capture inner glow and color variations/ depth.
Color: Shades of green
Fiber: Mohair: DWF’s Jessie and Ingrid (white)
Wool: 3 natural brown colored fleeces, 81% Shetland – DWF’s Sweets &  ABA’s 0075 (PA); 19% Finn –  Rosemont Valley Farm (NJ)
Type: Millspun Yarn (Gurdy Run, PA)
Yards/Skein (approx.): 200
Size (Plies): Light Worsted (2)
Wraps Per Inch (WPI): 10-12
Needle Size: 6-7 Knitting
Skein Weight (approx.) 4 Ounces or 118 grams
Quantity Available: 3 skeins
Price: $25/skein plus shipping.
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