Fleeces – Shetland

Constance Shetland Ewe S15 Fleece

Constance Shetland Ewe 2015 Fleece – SOLD

Pershia S15 Shetland Ewe Fleece

Pershia 2015 Shetland Ewe Fleece – SOLD

Veil S15 Shetland Ewe Fleece

Veil 2015 Shetland Ewe Fleece – SOLD

Description: These are gorgeous hand spinner fleeces due to their softness and color variation. Spin direct from the fleece as carding would destroy the color changes within the fleece.  These are washed fleeces, that still contain a bit of lanolin and are ready to spin direct from the fleece.
Color: see details below.
Sheep: Constance – shades of medium brown and cream as well as white.  Beautiful crimp and lock structure.
1.94 pounds washed, small amount VM – SOLD.

Pershia – shades of grey from nearly black to pale grey. Beautiful crimp and lock structure.
2 pounds washed, small amount of VM – SOLD.

Veil – light to medium grey, very soft and crimpy.  Not much lock structure remains as the fleece was picked to remove most of the VM.
1.5 pounds washed, small amount VM – SOLD.

Breed: Shetland
Weight (pounds):
Price: $1/ounce or $15/pound for full fleece plus shipping.  $12/pound raw fleece is equivalent to $17/pound washed due to average 30% washing loss.

Roving – Earth – Natural

Roving Earth Mohair Wool Llama


Description: Earth is a natural tan colored roving. 40% adult mohair – 52% wool (49% Blue Faced Leicester & 51% Shetland) and 8% tan llama.
Color: Tan
Fiber Content: Mohair: DWF’s Red
Wool: Shetland, Phoenix Farm’s (WI) Snow White; Blue Faced Leicester: DWF’s Esmerelda
Llama:  from local shearer (H. Emmons, PA)
Type (Processor): Roving (Spinderella’s, UT)
Quantity (Pounds): 4 oz.
Price: $10/ 4 oz plus shipping.